Everyday Looper Tools

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Click Track Generator :

With this tool, you can generate a loop with 3 empty tracks – 5 on an iPad – and the last one being a metronome/click track. You can adjust the Beat Per Minute of this track and the number of Beats that you want to generate.

Tap the speaker to pre-listen it. Tap generate and your current loop will be overwritten by the generated one.

Using this tool together with the “Quantize To Loop” option is great when using instruments that requires you to use your two hands. Recording will start and stop automatically at the start/end of the click track.

Additionally, when you generate your first track using this tool, you have access to a count-in function. When the looper is stopped, tap again with 3 fingers and the play cursor will position itself 4 beats before the end of the loop.

AudioCopy/Paste :

You can copy and paste to and from the Sonoma Pasteboard (AudioCopy / AudioPaste) as well as the General Pasteboard (also known as Intua Pasteboard).

Tap the track number you want to copy, name it if you want, and tap Copy Audio. The track is then copied to both Sonoma and General Pasteboard. If you want to copy all the tracks at the same time, tap All. All tracks will be copied to the Sonoma Pasteboard, but only the first one to the General Pasteboard as it supports only one.

For pasting, you have to choose the Paste Mode first. Crop to loop length will crop the file to the current loop length if needed. Erase all tracks will act as the generate button of the Click Track Generator, erasing all the tracks and using the file length as the new loop length.

AudioCopy and AudioPaste are trademarks and software of Sonoma Wire Works.


In MIDI Mapping, you can associate Actions with MIDI Messages :

1) Tap Add New Action
2) Tap the desired action
3) Tap Capture New MIDI Messages
4) Press the desired footswitch/button/key on your connected MIDI device
5) Tap Stop Capturing MIDI Messages

The Record action will act following this priority order :

1) Record on armed track
2) Un-suspend chained recording
3) Record on pending recording track
4) Stop recording
5) Record on the first empty track

Send Mail :

1) Select the tracks and mixes that you want to include in the mail. Tapping the name of a loop will select all its tracks.

2) Select the audio format of the tracks and mixes at the bottom of the screen. Aac will result in smaller files, but Everyday Looper will need more time to process them.

3) Tap the pen and square icon in the upper right corner when you are done and wait for the end of the audio files processing.

4) Edit the mail if you want to add any comment. Tap on the upper right corner to send it.

If you send more than one audio file, they will be added to a single zip file.

Http Server :

Turn it ON and enter the displayed address in your desktop web-browser connected to the same local network as your device.

You will then be able to download each individual track of each loop.

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