• Toggle between volume and pan modification

1) Hold one finger on a track
2) Tap with a second finger anywhere on the screen
3) Slide the first finger on the track

• Manage input channels

If you have a 2 input channels audio device connected to your iDevice, you can configure if these channels are L and R for stereo (1 x Stereo) or 2 independent mono channels (2 x Mono). The setting is in Menu -> Options -> Inputs Configuration.

If you choose the 2 x Mono option, EDL will record channel 1 by default. You can record channel 1 and channel 2 at the same time on 2 adjacent tracks by sliding one finger from track X to track X+1. You can record on channel 2 only by sliding from track X to track X+1 then back from track X+1 to track X without pulling your finger off the screen.

A highly recommended device that provide 2 input channels on an iPad is the Alesis iO Dock, but you can also use a class compliant USB audio interface connected through the Camera Connection Kit.

• Configure MIDI controllers

In Tools -> MIDI Mapping you can associate Actions (Play/Pause, Stop, Record) with MIDI Messages :

1) Tap “Add New Action”
2) Tap “Capture New MIDI Messages”
3) Press the desired footswitch/button/key on your MIDI device
4) Tap “Stop Capturing MIDI Messages”

The Record Action will act following this priority order :

1) Record on armed track
2) Un-suspend chained recording
3) Record on pending recording track
4) Stop recording
5) Record on the first empty track

You can plug an USB-MIDI interface or an USB-MIDI footswitch like the Logidy UMI3 in an iPad through a Camera Connection Kit, or use the integrated footswitch input of an Alesis iO Dock.

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