Quantized mute and record

Quantized mute and record

… has been approved by Apple :D !

Quite important features have been added, here they are :

Audio latency compensation

You will not have any excuse for being offbeat anymore. Precision is under the millisecond.

Sonoma and General/Intua Pasteboard

You can copy from and paste to Everyday Looper. Nice for making a beat in Beatmaker (or hopefully soon NanoStudio) and layering tracks over it in Everyday Looper for example.

Mute function

More powerful that it seems at first glance because it’s quantizable to loop (as recording is). In the above picture, you can see that Track 3 is muted and will be unmuted on next loop, whereas Track 4 is unmuted and will be muted on next loop. Nice for toggling between a verse track and a chorus track, while keeping your hands free for recording another track at the same time.

iOS 4 and iPhone 4 compatibility

Everyday Looper will now continue to play in the background, if your device supports it. You can then use another music app for jamming on top of your loop. Fast app switching, retina display support and nicer anti-aliased waveforms come in the compatibility package too.

So have fun with these new features, and tell me what you think about them !

Cheers :D !

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  1. NanoStudio yeah, love that app. Would combine great, awesome update

  2. Is it possible to add a feature that allows the user to adjust the pitch of a track that has been recorded? I recently started using this app in my DJ setup. When I record samples to the iPhone it would make a world of difference if I could then speed up or slow down that sample in order to match the beat of a separate sample.
    In addition, when I record drum loops the bass seems to be almost absent from the recording. I cannot determine if it is the app or my input that is causing this. I am not using the standard iPhone mics, I am using a unique input wire that is mapped to the iphone’s headphone (microphone) jack.
    Thanks and so far I love the ease of use for this app.

  3. Thanks Bart :) !

  4. Hi Chris,

    At some point in the dev, I will add pitching for the tracks. Not sure when however ^^.

    The lack of bass is probably a problem due to impedance matching. Their is a need for a bit of circuitry to correct this, like in the iRig cable. Everyday Looper records exactly what the iPhone OS sends him, there is nothing on the audio path.

    Thanks for your comment :) .

  5. Thanks, and I look forward to your updates.