Merging Track 1 Into Track 3

We are back with a new version of our dear looper !

It’s already live on the AppStore, here as usual.

But what’s new in this version ? Something that some of you wanted deeply (yes, I know that, because you told me ^^) : Track Merging. And it’s done in the way we always do things, it’s a no-brainer. No need to go back to the menu or whatever, just Tap and Hold a track, drag it to it’s destination, and it’ll merge in real-time !

We also have added the same limiter that we use for the main output, with tweaked settings, in the merge algorithm. So you can stack up quite a big number of tracks before saturation.

By the way, we now have a Twitter account : MancingDols so you can stay updated on a “micro-blog” basis. The blog is now 2.0 enabled too, you can tweet or “facebookise” with a click, put it to good use :) .

Our mail and forum are always open as usual, for all that you have to say to us.

And if you like the app, don’t forget to review/rate us on the AppStore, it’s a greatly appreciated support :)

Have fun !

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  1. Thank you so much! This program is what I was waiting, for a long time. And you did it so good. I use it all the time. A great replacement for my loop pedal. I love it!!! I hope you’ll get more review on the app store. Keep it going! And I wish you will sell allot! You gave the best and you deserve the best dear programer!

  2. Please add an option to move the waveforms so you can sync them manually.