You can get it here.

Good to know that this little icon can now show up on other iphone screens than mine and my beta testers ones :D .

If you want to find it directly in iTunes, you’ll have to search for it. Oddly, due to these strange rules, it’ll not show up on top of the Release Date page.

I would like to stress that all your feedback is welcome, on the forum (registration is not mandatory) or directly through my . I have some plans for future updates, but would like to know your thoughts before anything.

Have fun with it !

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  2. It’s just very good. A little scary at first- but the exclusion of too much time and focus wasted in a menu is actually a profound advantage and even healing to those who have wasted countless hours of the precious and ever waning time of thier life wondering why eit seems engineers have to make things so complicated. Not only this but how many people have lost things that they spent a long time writing or creating and that meant a great deal to them? Thank you for a truly valuable application.
    Well, I did have one question… I can play the individual loops on my iMac but how can I put them into my music software? I have Cubase 5.

  3. Hi Brian !

    First, thanks for you kinds words :) .

    Could you please re-post your question on the forum so that everyone can benefits of our discussion ?

    Thanks !